Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are nowdays oriented to new markets, especially to Africa, as a continent of great potential.

We are providing the following activities:

  • Advising in creation of necessary legislative in accordance to International Conference on Harmonisation
  • Building the clinical trials awereness across the nation (know-how, analytics, communication...)
  • Methodology that would be used to accommodate existing medical infrastructures (creating clinical trials environment in existing hospitals)
  • Training of medical staff (physicians, nurses, pharmacists who will be directly involved in conduct of clinical trial)
  • Training of non-medical clinical research supervisors (people delegated by pharmaceutical companies to supervise conduct of clinical trial they are financing, so called "monitors")
  • Full covering of conduct of clinical trial (preparing documentation for obtaining regulatory approval for clinical trial, initiation of clinical trial in chosen hospitals, full supervision of conduct of clinical trial, closing and archiving activities)